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Union County

Union County Dragway

State-of-the-art racing facility with a 1/8-mile track and modern amenities.

About the Union County Dragway joining the NHRA.

Union County

Big Buck

Big Buck Farm hosts America's largest off-road motorcycle and ATV racing series.

Union County

Team Aruba Racing

Aruban Pro/Stock team establishes a base in Union County for the motorsports-friendly climate.

Union County

Timken Sports Complex

The Timken Sports Complex boasts seven ball fields, two towers with concessions, and batting cages.

Union County

Union County Stadium

Union County Stadium hosts diverse events, from football and baseball to concerts and carnivals.

Union County

Union County Agricultural Fair

Union County Fair brings joy to citizens with a week-long carnival and entertainment.

Visit A Venue In
Union County

Newly established Main Street Junction offers
versatile event spaces with a catering kitchen,
restrooms, and veranda, suitable for
weddings, corporate events, and more.

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Our Hotels and B&Bs offer great amenities, southern cuisine, and warm hospitality, whether you’re here for leisure or sports events or to explore historical attractions.

Union County
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